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Premium grade ribbon printer foils. Made in the EU.

Quality foils made in the EU
We supply specially formulated foils for printing onto satin ribbons. Our foils are manufactured in the EU to high standards.

We do not import any of our foils from the far east where the quality is not of the to same high standard as those made in the EU. We know our customers prefer quality over saving a few pence here and there.

Two sizes of foils in sixteen colours!
We stock over 16 colours of ribbon printing foils in two different sizes, namely 55mm width x 50m and 110mm width x 50m.

Amongst many stunning matt colours, we also stock metallic gold and silver too. For those who require extra shine to their printed ribbons, we now also stock the new ultra Metallic Gold and Silver. Out latest addition in ribbon printing foils is what we call ‘True pink’.

Free rewind core supplied with each foil
At CPL, we do not charge you extra for a foil rewind core, it comes free with our foil!

Anyone is welcome to purchase foils from us.
Our 110mm foils fit other ribbons printers too. If your machine looks like any one of those shown below, then our foils will work with these machines. Our 55mm money saving foils will fit the ZX-40 and the ZX-40 Ultra which are centrally fed but cannot be used on older models which feed foil to left hand side. This applies to 55mm foils only and 110mm will work on all types of ribbon printers shown below

Creative Printers of London
Creative Printers of London

Our 110mm wide foils work with various machines.
However, we are the only company to supply half size foils (55mm wide) that can work with our ZX-40 Machines. This has great implications on cost savings for you!



Our previous ZX-40

Our current ZX-40 Ultra.
The most modern Ribbon Printer in the world.


Already buying your foils from elsewhere?

... then that’s great. However, we would like to have the opportunity to quote you . We are confident that we will not only match the prices which you are currently paying, but perhaps also beat them!  
We hold large stocks for immediate shipment.

Please Note!  Our 55mm wide foils are unique to us and will only work with our ZX-40 Printers, thanks to it’s central fed system. However, our 110mm wide foils will work with our and other printers too.

Creative Printers of London